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About Us


Starting Blocks Children's Academy


The Starting Blocks Children’s Academy is an enrichment children's care school providing care for children ages 2 years to 12 years old. Starting Blocks Children's Academy provides care and learning opportunities for children:

  • Monday through Friday from 6am to 6pm,

  • Normal Public School Holidays from 6am to 6pm


Children who attend Starting Blocks Children’s Academy are provided high quality instruction in the domains of Motor Skills and Aerobic Engagement, Language Arts, Mathematics, Technology and Fine Arts, Values and Intrinsic Motivation, and Social Development.



The mission of The Children’s Academy to provide a safe, nurturing, affordable, and high quality holistic educational academy for all families.  Starting Blocks provides children with an environment that meets their social, motor, language arts &mathematics, technology, intrinsic motivation, and fine art needs.  Starting Blocks provides families with services by a well-trained staff in a caring professional atmosphere that allows children to develop at their own pace. Starting Blocks motivates children to gain key skills necessary for primary and secondary school success and social development. Founded on core character values and holistic enrichment, Starting Blocks provides children a variety of opportunities to blossom into children of esteem.

Upcoming Events:
Open Enrollment- Everyday
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